Constipation in babies and children

What is Normal? Many parents become concerned with constipation in their babies and young children however it is a very common problem. It is easy to become interested in how many stools are passed a day but it is important that as parents you … [Read More...]

Visit to the Butterfly Farm

Visit to the Butterfly Farm

Children in Pre School minors went off on an adventure to the Butterfly farm. The children sat patiently on the mini bus and as they got nearer to the farm the excitement started to appear. It was very warm when they walked into the butterfly farm, … [Read More...]

baby crying

Ten Top tips To Soothe Your Crying Baby

One of the most frustrating challenges a new parent faces is soothing her upset baby, especially one who has been recently fed, changed, and loved. Fussiness among babies is a generalization that is usually applied to a number of irritants, and you … [Read More...]

baby with dummy

Use of dummies for your child

Dummies also known as soothers or pacifiers, are used to soothe your baby. They consist of teats made from silicone or plastic. Dummies are designed in such a way that it encourages your baby the same way as breastfeeding. However, the use of dummies … [Read More...]

Exploring ICT

Babies and ICT

Here at daisykins nursery the babies had the opportunity to explore a nursery rhyme app on a computer tablet. The babies used their fingers to touch the functions on the screen, they pressed an icon and watched with amazement as to what happened. The … [Read More...]

wheels on the bus

The Wheels on the bus

Children at daisykins nursery favourite song is Wheels on the Bus. They ask for this song during song time and children from a young age join in the simple but effective actions. The nursery rhymes incorporates repetitive words which gives children … [Read More...]

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Great dais Pre School Newsletter April 2014

Dear Parents/Carers, We would like to keep you updated and we think the most effective way would be to write a termly newsletter. As this is a first, any likes or dislikes would be valuable. Firstly, as you will all have noticed, we have two … [Read More...]

Sack Race

Sports Relief 2014

Daisykins nursery children got active and  fund-raised for Sports relief, they joined their friends and parents at a local Athletics Sport track for a morning packed of sports games. Children in Great dais Pre School got into their key groups and … [Read More...]

Looking after Bo

Play time with Bo

The children in Great Dais Pre School and Toddler room had a very exciting afternoon playing with our Daisykins hamster Bo. Bo is a much loved pet and the children all have the opportunity to take her home for sleepovers and to fill in a diary about … [Read More...]

Tummy Time

Tummy Time Tips

Tummy time is one of the most important stages of a baby’s development. This is because the skills and strength that your baby develops while lying on their tummy helps them to lift their head and glance around, roll over, push up with their arms, … [Read More...]

St Patrick's day collage

St Patrick’s day collage

Children in the baby plus room at Daisykins had a brilliant time getting messy and creating their St Patrick's day collage. The practitioners set up a variety of different green materials, such as paint, ribbon, pipe cleaners, pens, wax crayons, … [Read More...]


Nursery Practitioner Job

We are looking for a qualified enthusiastic Nursery practitioner to join our Outstanding nursery. Applicants must hold a Level 2 or Level 3 qualification in Childcare/ Early Years. Successful applicants must: Ensure that daily paperwork such as … [Read More...]

A red star.

Shapes in the garden

The children in Pre-school all had lots of fun learning about shapes through an outdoor play experience. Different sized and coloured shapes were hidden in the garden area and then an exciting game was created by practitioners, where children had to … [Read More...]

ofsted logos for website

Surviving our Ofsted inspection

Following a tougher Ofsted inspection it is more important to be ready and prepared for an inspection at any time. It can be a very daunting and stressful time, but how can we overcome this? Ofsted Inspectors twice graded Daisykins nursery in Rugby … [Read More...]

Jack and Jill went up the Hill

Jack and Jill went up the Hill

A classic nursery rhymes that all generations enjoy especially the young ones here at daisykins nursery. This song tells a simple story about a boy and a girl called Jack and Jill who went up a hill to fetch a pail of water.   … [Read More...]