Nursery in Rugby

Mixing all the colours together

Practitioners from Daisykins nursery in Rugby observed the children during a messy play morning and identified that they were deeply engrossed in making marks with paint. The observations highlighted the children were using their fingers and tools to … [Read More...]

Being pirates

Pirates digging for their treasure

As the children in Pre School Minors displayed an interest in pirates practitioners decided to focus the week around pirates. Resources were gathered and activities were planned. The first item the children noticed on entering the room were the … [Read More...]

Daisykins Nursery in Rugby

Oh where has the woolly sheep gone?

The children from Daisykins Nursery in Rugby have been learning all about farm animals and to help teach them about woolly sheep a fun creative activity was set up for them. Shaving foam was placed on top of laminated sheep pictures to represent … [Read More...]

Meeting Father Christmas

Christmas Festive fun at nursery

It's the time of year at nursery where children have been joining in the Christmas festive fun. On some of the days it was all about the shiny glittery pictures and then on another it was day of singing Christmas songs. Both children and … [Read More...]

Being shopkeeper

I went to the shop and I brought?

Children in Toddler Plus had lots of fun taking it in turns to be the shopkeeper. Children looked what was on the shelf of the shop and asked "How many pennies" , the shopkeeper replied 10 pennies. On the desk of the shop children noticed the images … [Read More...]

Learning about dinosaurs

Learning about what dinosaurs eat

The dinosaurs were out and about in the Pre School Minors room exploring their new room for the week. Over the last week children have been learning all about the different types of dinosaurs and which ones eat leaves, meat or fish. Practitioners … [Read More...]

winter collage

Winter crafts ideas for children

As  the winter season has approached, children at nursery are  joining in fun winter art activities. According to the Early Years Foundation Stage its about allowing children the opportunities to explore materials it's not necessarily about making an … [Read More...]

Adding jam to the tarts

Making jam tarts

The children in Toddler Plus had a fun afternoon making jam tarts.They washed their hands, joined their friends at the table and waited for instructions. Practitioners Sophie and Allaina showed the children the ingredients and asked them if they knew … [Read More...]

Making cornbread

A baking session making Cornbread

The children in baby plus at Daisykins day nursery had great fun participating in the National Children's Food Festival bread challenge. The challenge was to bake a yummy bread from around the world and baby plus chose to make corn bread from … [Read More...]


A day trip to Hatton Country World

The children from Toddler Room had a unforgettable day out at Hatton Country Farm, they were very excited coming into nursery and couldn't wait to see the animals. Hatton County World is set in a beautiful surroundings offering vast amounts of … [Read More...]


Fruit and vegetable picking at Malt Kiln Farm

Children from Daisykins Nursery climbed aboard the mini bus and set off for a trip to Malt Kiln Farm to join in Strawberry picking. The older children paired up with their friends, collected their tubs and ventured off to find the strawberries whilst … [Read More...]

Being a scientists

Causing a reaction using baking powder

A simple but effective science experiment was prepared by practitioner Andrea from Toddler Plus. The children put on their goggles and jackets and sat waiting for the experiment to begin. Andrea explained to the children the name of each ingredient … [Read More...]

Meeting the pigs

Old McDonald brought his animals to nursery

A local company called Tiny Hooves Mobile Farm brought their mobile farm to Daisykins nursery in Rugby. This day trip out for the animals was to celebrate National Children's Food Festival week 2014, it was to help teach children where the food that … [Read More...]

Looking at a cocoa bean

Visit to Cadbury World in Bournville

As part of National Children's Food Festival Week 2014 a fun day out learning all about chocolate was planned for a group of children. The children excitedly climbed aboard the mini bus and sat patiently waiting to see if they could spot Cadbury … [Read More...]

Mark making

Developing children’s mark making

The children in Baby Plus got creative this morning using a variety of tools to make marks and to mix colours. The practitioners provided the children with tools that were easier for them to use as they had large handles which enabled the children to … [Read More...]