Story Time

Once Upon a time….

Story time at Daisykins nursery is a fundamental part of our routine  it helps children to understand the time of the day and it encourages the development of early literacy skills. A book box containing an variety of books are readily available in … [Read More...]

Sports day

An energetic sports day

The children in Pre-school Minors room at Daisykins nursery in Rugby celebrated the end of the year and the near transition to Great dais preschool with a sports day. The children had been learning a lot about sports from their sports topic which was … [Read More...]

Opening the post box door

Posting letters

The children in Baby plus had brilliant fun and spent a lot of time concentrating hard posting letters into the post box. As soon as the post box was brought out it created immediate fascination for the children and has become a firm favourite toy … [Read More...]

Pre school Fair well party

Pre School end of year party 2014

The time has come to say fair well to our Pre School children who are moving onto big school. Some of our children began their journey with us in baby room and we have watched them grow and flourish into independent learners who will carry on … [Read More...]

Mark making

Early Mark Making Skills and Emergent Writing

Daisykins Nursery have been very busy introducing mark making stations and expressive arts and designs into every room. Pre-School minors have been very busy making the most of their new area and have enjoyed making choices and exploring the … [Read More...]

Massaging babies feet

Baby massage classes held at nursery

Jody Phillipson, joint business owner of Pitter Patter held a baby massage class at Daisykins nursery. She explained to the group what baby massage is and the benefits it can offer to both parents and babies. Baby massage is a great way to … [Read More...]

Look it's a dinosaur

Gullivers Land and Dinosaur Park

After a trip to our local library in Rugby Baby plus participated in activities about dinosaurs, they spent a few weeks of exploring and discovering more about dinosaurs. To help the children learn more about dinosaurs practitioners decided to take … [Read More...]

Once I caught a fish Alive

Once I caught a fish a Alive

A mathematical song about little fish that were caught, during this song the children are able to use their fingers to help them count. It is a fun song that enables children to developing an understanding of problem solving and counting. Children … [Read More...]

Climbing along the rope

Hatton Country World

Great Dais pre school had a brilliant day when they visited Hatton Country World as part of their growing and change topic, this was also to celebrate the end of the year for many of the children before they leave to go to Primary School. When the … [Read More...]

Incy wincy spider

Incy Wincy Spider

This nursery rhyme is a firm favourite, it tells a story about a spider that climbs up the waterspout and down comes the rain and washes the spider away. Children of all ages enjoy listening to nursery rhymes, it is a great aid to help children's all … [Read More...]

Filling the container with soil

Let’s get growing

Children in Great Dais Pre School participated in a gardening experience led by practitioners Aileen and Fran. Great Dais have been learning all about growing and change as part of their current topic and this activity was to encourage the children … [Read More...]

Five little men in a flying saucer

Five Little Men in A Flying Saucer

This nursery rhyme is about Five little men that go flying in a saucer. they fly around the world but along the way one little man doesn't like the sight so that man flew away. Children use their fingers to represents the five little men, as the … [Read More...]

Hickory Dickory Dock

Hickory Dickory Dock

A favourite nursery rhymes song that introduces children to an awareness of numbers as children enjoying singing 4 or more versus for example the mouse ran up the clock, the clock struck 4 the mouse knocked on the door Hickory Dickory Dock. At … [Read More...]

baby after having a bath

Bathing your baby

Bath time can be a daunting experience for any new parent when your new born arrives home but following a few simple rules can make it a safe and enjoyable experience. The Bath  There are many forms of baby baths that you can purchase that … [Read More...]

Group photo with police lady

Police Officer Visit

A very important visitor came to see the children in Great Dais Pre-school. They came in a special car wearing a uniform and a hat. It was a police officer from the local police station who had come as part of the children's stranger awareness topic. … [Read More...]